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If the G200 will be powered from a wall outlet for an extended period of time, removing the Lithium Ion Smart Batteries is an option and doing so may lengthen the life of the batteries.

The G200 is able to purify the air of particulate matter and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This includes larger particulates (> 300 nanometers) such as pollen, mold spores, dust mites, fly ash and bacteria as well as ultra-fine particulates (less than 100 nanometers) such as smog, soot, tobacco smoke, viruses and other airborne pollutants.

The G200 has three stages of filtration: the Carbon Filter, the Pre Filter, and the Core Filter.  The Carbon Filter adsorbs volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Pre Filter captures large particulates. The Core Filter captures ultra-fine particulates. The Pre Filter and Carbon Filter should be changed every 4 months based on normal use, while the Core Filter should be changed every 8 months under normal use.  The G200 LED panel will display an alert when the filters are due to be changed.

Used filters should be disposed of in the same manner as other household products like furnace filters or water filters. 

No, the G200 filters should not be cleaned or washed for re-use.

No.  Unlike some air purifiers on the market which incorporate photo-chemical reactions, and which may produce outgassing by-products, the Celios G200 uses only mechanical filtration.  It does not emit any by-products.

Place the G200 on a flat, stable surface (e.g. floor, table, desk) close to where you or other occupants will be located in the room. Many users place it next to their workspace, on their desk, or on a table. Because it is portable and can last up to 24 hours on battery power, you can move it wherever you go throughout your day.

The Celios G200 Advanced Air Purifier operates at four fan speeds, so you can adjust the power to best meet your needs.


Background Mode - Typically used while you're in the room.

Speed 1: Ideal for desk-side use or other quiet settings

Speed 2: Perfect white noise level for sleep


Turbo Mode -- Typically used while you're not in the room.

Speed 3: Aggressive cleaning

Speed 4: Most powerful air purification

The G200 is intended for small rooms and personal space such as offices, dorm rooms, hotel rooms or doctor/dentist exam rooms. The portability of the G200 allows for the unit to be placed in close proximity to the user or the source of the air contaminants regardless of the room size or configuration.

HEPA filter technology has been around for over 50 years and its standard is limited to 99.97% efficiency for pollutants 300 nanometers or larger. The G200 Core Filter has been proven in leading independent testing laboratory studies to achieve 99.99999% efficiency for filtering particulate pollution. It can capture particles down to 10 nanometers in size. That means the G200 is 3,000 times more efficient than HEPA filter standards and captures particles up to 30 times smaller.

Celios provides a 2-year limited warranty. Additional warranty coverage is offered through Extend, and may be purchased at checkout.

Yes! The G200 has been tested by three leading independent testing labs.  To see the test results, follow this link to see the reports from Blue Heaven Technologies, Intertek and Nelson Laboratories.

First, install the two AAA batteries into the remote. With the G200 powered on, hold down the Core’s power button for 6 seconds. The device will beep and the power button will begin to flash, indicating that it has entered Bluetooth pairing mode.  While the Core is in pairing mode, turn on the remote by pressing its power button. The light on the remote will flash briefly, indicating that it has also entered Bluetooth pairing mode. After a few seconds, both the Core power button and the remote light will stop flashing. The two are now paired.

The remote can be used as far away as 75 feet, through walls and ceilings/floors.

Yes. Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) and Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) tests were performed on the G200 at Nelson Labs using an increased challenge level, and using suspensions of ΦX174 bacteriophage (a virus with a maximum diameter of 32 nanometers) and Staphylococcus aureus (a bacteria up to 1,000 nanometers in size). The G200 captured between 99.9998% and 99.99999% of these viruses/bacteria. At a leading third-party laboratory, Blue Heaven Technologies, the G200 has demonstrated the ability to filter out particulates as small as 10 nanometers and has demonstrated up to 99.99999% efficiency. Viruses range in diameter from approximately 20 to 400 nanometers. Most bacteria range in size from approximately 200 to 2,000 nanometers, but some are larger.

The G200 may be used in a bathroom. However, it is not recommended to use during a shower/bath or when the room is steamy. 

While the battery life is dependent on hours/frequency of use and fan speed, the average expected life of the Celios Lithium Ion Smart Batteries is two years.

Yes, it will still filter particulates and micro-particulates, but it will not remove VOCs/odors without the Carbon Filter.

A cleanroom is a sealed area often used in specialty manufacturing (e.g. pharmaceuticals or computer chips) or scientific research. Cleanrooms are designed to provide a controlled environment with extremely low levels of ultra-fine particulates. The G200 is proven in leading independent testing laboratories to purify the air of the same ultra-fine particulates that a cleanroom is designed to remove.

For international orders, please call our Customer Care team at 833-Celios1.

The annual cost to operate the G200 is in part dependent on how the device is used (hours/day and fan speed). With typical usage, the G200 is very energy efficient with expected electrical costs of under $25 per year. Based on the average expected filter life, replacement filters will cost $99 every 8 months. Consumers can sign up for filter replacement subscriptions here.    

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is a testing standard developed by the Association of American Home Appliance Manufacturers in the 1980s. This test is run for only 20 minutes and measures the efficiency of removing large particles, specifically dust, pollen and smoke. Many premium air purifiers do not subscribe to this test as it favors air purifiers which circulate air quickly to remove only large pollutants and does not test performance over a longer time period. As leading independent test laboratories have shown, the most effective air purifiers are the ones that can remove large and ultra-fine particles (which are the most harmful) and maintain their performance over time (not just 20 minutes). For this reason, Celios does not subscribe to the CADR ratings and instead provides results of independent testing of the G200 that shows its unmatched air purification performance. To us, it is not about how quickly an air purifier moves air, it is about how clean the air is coming out of it! For more information on CADR and the G200's significant 3rd party laboratory validations, please click here.

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