The Chebot Family’s Experience

The Chebot Family’s Experience

Clean Air - Reducing Allergies At Home - The Chebot Family’s Experience

Every year, more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, with many families having multiple members living with chronic and seasonal allergies. The Chebots are one of these families. 

Alan Chebot’s home is notorious for having a distinct mustiness due to the age of the house and living in the always changing climate of New England. Family members became accustomed to the smell and associated allergy symptoms, such as runny nose and eyes, light headaches, and the occasional cough, believing it was simply a part of life in the house. 

When given the opportunity to test the G200 air purifier, Alan’s family was eager to see if an air purifier really could make a noticeable difference in their home.  

In the beginning, they realized that it might be difficult to articulate how and if the G200 was impacting their home and if it was actually making a difference. However, at the same time, a planned vacation gave them the opportunity to relax away from their home, while leaving the device running to gauge what might happen while they were gone for just over a week. 

Following their vacation, Alan’s family immediately realized the impact of the G200, as his wife was not overwhelmed with her allergies as she normally would have been upon return. Most noticeable to both was the elimination of the heavy, musty air, which was replaced with clean neutral-tasting air. 

Having clean-room air has opened the Chebot family’s eyes (and lungs!) to improved air in their home and work environments, but also in the environments of their children and grandchildren. Watch Alan discuss their experiences with the G200 further below.