Managing Allergies Without Medication – Celios G200 Review

Managing Allergies Without Medication – Celios G200 Review

After Years of Allergy Misery, Enjoying Time Outdoors Without Paying the Price Later

As a seasonal allergy sufferer, enjoying outdoor activities can come at a cost. For Brian and his wife Kristy, maintaining a full and active lifestyle during the day often meant suffering from coughing, sneezing, and disrupted sleep at night. 

Dealing with these allergies for decades, Brian and Kristy had nearly accepted the symptoms as par for the course. Despite attempts to control their environment, including specialized HEPA filters for their HVAC, sealing doors and windows, and changing their clothes after spending time outdoors, allergens continued to infiltrate their home. This forced them to rely on over-the-counter allergy medications which left Brian in a state of fog. Meanwhile, Kristy spent much of her time cleaning to minimize indoor dust and dander. 

Hoping to fix the root of the problem, rather than treat the symptoms, Brian and Kristy tested the G200 air purifier to see if it would help effectively reduce the allergens in their home. After using it around the clock for several weeks, what they discovered was that the unit not only reduced their symptoms but in turn improved their quality of life. 

By reducing Brian’s reliance on allergy medications and helping Kristy achieve more uninterrupted and quality sleep, they are now able to enjoy more outdoor activities without suffering. Watch Brian share, in his own words, how the G200 has impacted his quality of life below.