Blue Heaven Particle Size Filtration

Blue Heaven Particle Size Filtration

We used the rigorous EN1822-5 test standard to demonstrate that our filters have no air “by-pass” and maintain seal integrity so that the air coming out of the filter cartridges is completely filtered and maintains (in our case surpasses) the specification of the filter media.

The EN1822-5 test standard, evaluates a filters’ particle removal efficiency in a size range between (20 nm – 300 nm). This particulate size range includes the most dangerous and most abundant types of particles known as “ultrafine particles” that are less than 100 nm in diameter. The reported efficiency from the EN1822-5 is given at the lowest measured efficiency value recorded during the challenge.

The EN1822-5 test is also performed on fully constructed filter assemblies/cartridges and thus represents what the filtration performance would actually be when connected into the device (as opposed to the efficiency of the filter material by itself which can have many leaks when assembled). Filter cartridges from the G200 were sent to a reputable 3rd party vendor (Blue Heaven Technologies) to carry out the EN1822-5 test.

The test results showed that our filters can achieve seven 9’s (99.99999%) of efficiency at the lowest performing particle size region (MPPS) of the filter in the ultrafine particle size range. This result far exceeds (3000 times better) the standard HEPA filtration performance of three 9’s (99.97% @ 300 nm).

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